The ParaMotion

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    Your ParaMotion, your Design:


    Golf bag Holder

    Callaway Golf Bag

    Storage Box

    Color selection upholstery material (click here to see)

    Control Panel Bracket

    Transport Cover

    Bag Tee

    Golf Gloves


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    The ParaMotion is particularly characterized by its offroad capability, for example, for use on the golf course but also in other outdoor activities. During the development, special attention was paid to the protection of the user, accordingly, a seat suspension was developed to avoid pressure points. In addition, an automatic seat plate shift was developed to prevent the so-called pants pull-out effect. Powered by two 12V and 96Ah lead-gel batteries (connected in series = 24V operating voltage) and the right profiled front tires, in combination with the dual rear wheel, the ParaMotion offers good overcoming obstacles and safe and comfortable driving. The ParaMotion is steered via the differential control of the drive wheels. The two rear wheels are freely rotating around the steering axle, which results in better maneuverability, driving stability and, in addition, less stress on the ground, for example on the green of a Golf course. The ParaMotion is controlled via the R-Net system. It is a control panel with color display for entering the drive / standing function commands and to display a.g. the batterie gauge, speed level etc.. Data transfer takes place via a bus system. The programmability of the R-Net system makes it possible to adapt the control to the personal needs of the user. The built-in main controller (R-Net PM120) controls the drive motors and is connected to the battery(24V). The inter-controller connected to the main controller processes the input / output signals for, a.e. actuator, light, USB panel, etc... Data transfer takes place via the R-Net  bus system. The programmability of the R-Net system makes it possible to adapt the control to the personal needs of the user.
    Speed max.: 10 km/h (6,2mph)
    Climbing ability: 30 %
    surmountable obstacles: 10 cm
    Range approx.: 40 km in flat terrain
    Seat width:: 30 - 56 cm
    Seatdepth: 43 - 60 cm
     Seat height: 50 - 65 cm
     Lower leg length: 38 - 44cm
     Back support height: 34 – 44,5 cm
     Overall width: 90 cm
     Overall heigh:
     - nach Einstellung 100 cm
     -bei umgeklappter Rückenlehne 71 cm
     Overall lenght:
     - while driving forward: 170 cm
     - pack size: 137,5 cm
     Turning radius: 140 cm
     Approx weight: 160 kg
     Max. payload: 140kg
     Electric system:
     Operating voltage: 24 V
     Batterie Lead-Acid:
     Volt: 2 x 12 V
     Ampere: 96 Ah